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Pick up all your Asian food products at Tran’s – one of Perth’s largest Asian food specialist.

Whether you’re looking for quality ingredients, for that special recipe or stocking up on weekly Asian provisions which have become part of Australia’s multicultural menu, Tran’s is your Asian food people.

Tran’s imports direct from over 10 Asian countries, including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Hong Kong – and supplies a major portion of the Asian food and fine-dining industry in WA.

Tran’s passes on savings from its bulk import power to retail customers at its metropolitan shops, which also sell a popular range of locally-cooked Asian takeaway food.

Whether it’s the aromatic elixirs of sauces and spices, the delicate fragrance of fresh herbs and produce or just the sheer wonder at the myriad range of rice and noodles, come enjoy the authentic Asian shopping experience that awaits in our aisles.

Tran’s – spreading the flavour of Asia through Perth.

About Us

After nearly 30 years in the Asian food business, the Tran’s family is a local icon in Perth’s Asian and business community.

Like many migrant enterprises, the company had its origins in the humble beginnings of a small family store. Mr. Tran senior was a respected businessman in his home country, he and his family fled the Vietnam war as refugees. They started off a small shop in Northbridge selling Asian produce – one of the very first Asian gourmet shops of its kind in Perth.

The corner store on Palmerston street in Northbridge quickly became a favourite with the locals, who crowded its narrow aisles in search of exotic tastes.

Mr. Tran, his wife, their ten children and families worked tirelessly and within a decade the Trans had built Tran’s into a multi-million dollar industry leader – importing, retailing and wholesaling Asian produce throughout WA.

In 1996, Trans Asian won the WA Ethnic Business of the Year Award.

Today, the Tran’s family operates several retail outlets throughout Perth including Leederville and Northbridge. Its Newcastle Street wholesale supermarket servicing both wholesale and retail customers.

Tran’s continues to take great pride in being a family-owned and run business with the next generation of Trans taking the company into a new business era. The Tran family is also an active participant in the local community, proudly contributing to and taking part in local events.

And yes the corner street Palmerston store which started it off is still there as crowded as ever, with Tran family members continuing the tradition of providing quality service and value.


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